Responsive Web Design for Custom WordPress Themes

As mobile device popularity increases, so will the number of various screen sizes your web visitors use to view your site. Some of the most advanced technology is now packed into mobile devices with screen sizes smaller than what we had in the 90’s. We can not predict what future devices our web visitors will be using. However, we can now design web layouts to work for any size device with CSS3, HTML5, and jQuery.

Advanced WordPress Deployment: Git, Chef, Vagrant

(caution: be ready to git your devops on)
Developers and designers in the WordPress community know their craft and, rightly so, rely on others to take care of the operations. With the onset of the devops revolution, WordPress developers can jump in to manage their business critical WordPress installs, fully scaled and deployed with their favorite version control system (Git).
So you have done all the normal speed enhancements (caching, CDN). And, you have your daily backup. And maybe even you are using this new-fangled Git thing to manage your code. But you get tired of logging in to sFTP (you are using sFTP right?) and dragging your files into your client, and provisioning your MySQL databases from cPanel. And doing it all over again for your staging environments too. You know there is a better way, and frankly, YOU CAN’T GO DOWN!
My talk will delve into a basic framework of how one could manage larger or critical installs with code instead of a bunch of CLI scripts. And be able to share these environments with collaborators easily.

The evolution of WordPress as a CMS or “You can be a WordPress Developer Too”

Using ‘developer’ plugins and code snippets to create custom post types and meta boxes while you learn about advanced WordPress concepts and develop your own coding style.